Fastest-growing jobs in Nebraska -
Published Sunday, February 2, 2014 at 1:00 am / Updated at 12:52 pm
Fastest-growing jobs in Nebraska

Registered nurses, truck drivers and food prep workers are in some of the hottest jobs in Nebraska.

While these particular jobs might not sound glamorous, they are the fastest-growing jobs in the state, beating out dozens of other jobs in eight different categories.

The list includes the top growing jobs in various categories, as compiled and configured by Jodie Meyer, a research analyst at the Nebraska Department of Labor.

The “hot jobs” are ranked by the number of additional workers needed for each job in each industry from 2012 to 2014. Meyer then selected the top 10 jobs in each category and put them from biggest increase to smallest, numerically.

Below are eight job categories, their projected growth percentage and projected number of jobs to be added.


Registered nurses, 2.8% (538)

Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants, 3.0% (367)

Home health aides, 9.5%

Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses, 3.4% (181)

Child care workers, 2.6% (157)

Personal-care aides, 10.5%

Social and human service assistants, 4.1%

Medical secretaries, 4.3%

Food servers, non-restaurant, 5.3%

Receptionists and information clerks, 4.4% (108)

Medical assistants, 3.3%

Cooks, institution and cafeteria, 4.3% (83)

Maids and housekeeping cleaners, 3.0% (72)

Physical therapists, 5.3% (65)

Medical and health services managers, 3.0%

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, 3.4% (60)

Dental assistants, 3.0%

Child, family and school social workers, 4.1% (49)


Meat, poultry, and fish cutters and trimmers, 3.3% (393)

Team assemblers, 2.1% (117)

Welders, cutters, solderers and brazers, 4.2% (104)

Industrial machinery mechanics, 5.4% (75)

Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers and weighers, 2.6% (70)

Machinists, 3.2% (52)

Slaughterers and meatpackers, 1.8% (51)

Computer-controlled machine tool operators, metal and plastic, 5.3%

First-line supervisors of production and operating workers, 1.1% (36)

Laborers and freight, stock and material movers, hand, 0.7% (26)

Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders, 0.6% (21)


Elementary school teachers, except special education, 2.1% (231)

Teacher assistants, 2.1% (225)

Secondary school teachers, except special and career/technical education, 2.1%

Teachers and instructors, all other, 2.1% (133)

Janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeeping cleaners, 2.1%

Secretaries and administrative assistants, except legal, medical, and executive, 2.1% (78)

Middle school teachers, except special and career/technical education, 2.0%

Office clerks, general, 2.1% (64)

Vocational education teachers, postsecondary, 2.1% (46)

Health specialties teachers, postsecondary, 2.0% (37)

Bus drivers, school or special client, 2.1% (36)

Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school, 2.0% (35)

Education administrators, elementary and secondary school, 2.1%

Educational, guidance, school, and vocational counselors, 2.2% (32)

Technology and Telecommunications

Software developers, applications, 8.5% (131)

Software developers, systems software, 10.2% (127)

Accountants and auditors, 3.3% (84)

Market research analysts and marketing specialists, 10.4% (75)

Network and computer systems administrators, 7.0% (73)

Computer programmers, 4.3% (57)

Computer systems analysts, 6.5% (57)

Interviewers, except eligibility and loan, 2.5% (56)

Computer support specialists, 6.1% (55)

Sales representatives, services, all other, 5.9% (52)

Transportation AND AutoS

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, 3.6% (736)

Locomotive engineers, 2.8% (59)

Laborers and freight, stock and material movers, hand, 1.9% (58)

Railroad conductors and yardmasters, 2.7% (57)

Rail car repairers, 4.9% (49)

Dispatchers, except police, fire, and ambulance, 2.8% (31)

Bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists, 2.8% (29)

Office clerks, general, 3.0% (22)

Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks, 3.1%

Customer service representatives, 2.7%

First-line supervisors of helpers, laborers, and material movers, hand, 3.1% (13)

First-line supervisors of transportation and material-moving machine and vehicle operators, 2.0% (12)

Real Estate and Development

Maintenance and repair workers, general, 2.2% (24)

Counter and rental clerks, 1.0%

Real estate sales agents, 4.5%

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, 2.4% (7)

Office clerks, general, 2.2% (6)

Landscaping and groundskeeping workers, 2.4%

Receptionists and information clerks, 3.3% (5)

Janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeeping cleaners, 1.9%

Residential advisers, 2.2% (3)

Accountants and auditors, 2.3% (3)

Market research analysts and marketing specialists, 7.0%

Secretaries and administrative assistants, except legal, medical, and executive, 0.4% (2)

Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession and coffee shop, 1.2% (2)

Customer service representatives, 1.3% (2)

First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers and repairers, 1.7% (2)

Finance and Insurance

Loan officers, 3.9% (110)

Insurance sales agents, 3.1% (102)

Customer service representatives, 1.5% (79)

Tellers, 1.4%

Computer systems analysts, 4.1%

Market research analysts and marketing specialists, 5.3%

Network and computer systems administrators, 4.6% (27)

Insurance claims and policy processing clerks, 0.5% (26)

First-line supervisors of office and administrative support workers, 1.0% (22)

Software developers, applications, 2.0%

Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks, 1.1% (16)

Office clerks, general, 1.1% (15)

Securities, commodities and financial services sales agents, 1.1% (13)

Financial analysts, 2.9%

Training and development specialists, 2.6% (10)

Leisure and Hospitality

Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food, 3.2% (510)

Waiters and waitresses, 2.0% (321)

Cooks, restaurant, 2.9% (141)

Maids and housekeeping cleaners, 5.2% (140)

Food preparation workers, 3.4% (104)

Bartenders, 2.3% (104)

Hotel, motel and resort desk clerks, 5.4% (97)

Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors, 6.2% (90)

Cashiers, 2.9% (89)

First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers, 2.2% (86)

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