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CrossFit athlete severs spinal cord during competition

A CrossFit athlete and coach severed his spinal cord during a competition in California earlier this month. He is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Kevin Ogar, 28, was performing a snatch when he dropped the weight and fell backward. The snatch is an explosive lift that requires an athlete to grip a weighted barbell on the floor and propel it overhead.

It's unclear from video of the incident whether he was injured by dropping the barbell onto his back or if he fell backward onto the barbell after releasing it.

Ogar, who is 6'2” and 210 pounds, has been practicing CrossFit for more than two years, according to The site says he can snatch 265 pounds.

The organizers of the competition where the accident occurred released this statement on their website:

“The OCT procured the proper liability insurance which is mandatory for this type of event. We had all necessary state, county and engineering licenses in place. The OCT also had a full medical team on-site, all weekend. Within seconds of the injury there was a medical team by Kevin's side and the paramedics arrived within minutes.”

Ogar has no insurance, so a fund has been set up to help cover the cost of his medical bills.

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