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Our map of Nebraska breweries
By Leah Becerra, Micah Mertes and Andrea Kszystyniak

With breweries continually popping up in Nebraska (all over the U.S., really), we thought it would be helpful to keep track.

So here you go, valued reader. A map of Nebraska breweries, most open, some planned.

This map is a work in progress. We'll keep updating it as we hear about openings.

If you have a tip about a new brewery, send it to micah.mertes@owh.com


Open for business

Coming soon

Breweries opening soon

» Borgata Brewery & Distillery, 1116 Jackson St., Omaha

Read more about Borgata

» Goldenrod Brewing Company, 3562 Farnam St., Omaha (name change pending)

Read more about Goldenrod

» Scriptown Brewing, 3922 Farnam St., Omaha

Read more about Scriptown

Breweries open

» Beaver View Brew Co., 2558 Salebarn Rd., Albion, Neb.

» Benson Brewery, 6059 Maple St.,‎ Omaha

The brewery offers unique beers alongside classics. Stop in and grab a brew and some items off their locally sourced food menu.

» Blue Blood Brewing Company, 500 W. South St., Lincoln

Opened in 2011, this Lincoln brewery has 11 brands available in its taproom and distributes to bars and retailers in Nebraska, Missouri and Minnesota.

» Empyrean Brewing Co., 729 Q St., Lincoln

Empyrean offers a wide variety of seasonal and house beers, including its Luna Sea ESB, which won a silver medal at the 2006 World Beer Cup.

» Granite City Brewing, 1001 N 102nd St., Omaha

» Granite City Brewing, 6150 O St., Lincoln

Unlike many chain restaurants, Granite City brews all of its beer in-house. Check out its specialty brews at the Lincoln or Omaha locations.

» Gottberg Brewery, 2804 13th St., Columbus, Neb.

» Infusion Brewing Company, 6115 Maple St., Omaha

The brewery, owned by Bill Baburek, who also owns the Crescent Moon Ale House in Midtown, features nine locally made ales: Bedford Park Black IPA, Second Base IPA, Pale Rider White IPA, Butcher Block Brown Ale, Unclearly Wheat, Joel Porter, Maiden Voyage American Stout, Pulley Man Pale Ale and Anything Goes Blonde.

» Jaipur Brewing Company, 10922 Elm St., Omaha

Grab some tasty Indian food and a beer specially brewed to go along with it. Jaipur makes its own beer in- house, including a Jalapeńo Ale and a Raspberry Wheat.

» Loop Brewing Company, 404 W. A St., McCook, Neb.

» Grab a handcrafted beer and a slice of pizza at this southern Nebraska brew pup.

Lucky Bucket Brewing Company, 11941 Centennial Rd., La Vista

Lucky Bucket has expanded from a favorite Nebraska microbrewery to a six-state sensation. Its Pre-Prohibition Lager has won numerous awards.

» Modern Monks , 6235 Havelock Ave., Lincoln

Modern Monks brews primarily for Misty's Steakhouse. It has a number of classic beers, including a Belgian IPA and a Robust Porter, as well as seasonals with wacky names such as Just the Tip.

» Moonstruck Meadery, 2221 Madison St., Bellevue

» Nebraska Brewing Company, 7474 Towne Center Pkwy., Papillion

This brewery in Shadow Lake Towne Center has won a wealth of awards. Try its EOS Hefeweizen, a light summer beer with hints of cloves, nutmeg and vanilla. Nebraska Brewing is nearing the completion of its second facility, a production brewery and canning line located at 6946 S. 108th Street in La Vista.

» Ploughshare Brewing Co., 1630 P St., Lincoln

The Ploughshare taproom portion is expected to open in March and roll out a food menu. The brewery itself is expected to open in July.

Read more about how Ploughshare brought down a barn to put in the taproom.

» Schilling Bridge Winery/Microbrewery, 710 Rd, Pawnee City, Neb.

Sample a Git-R-Done Golden Lager, one of many of this microbrewery's unique beers. Schilling Bridge offers a wide variety of wines, too.

» Scratchtown Brewing, 141 S. 16th. St., Ord, Neb.

"Nestled in the scenic North Loup River Valley, Scratchtown Brewing Company brews and serves a variety of handcrafted, local beer that prides itself on simplicity and Nebraska Sandhills water. Our mission is to craft a local beer culture that celebrates the wonderful variety of beers while building a viable industry in rural Nebraska. Join our passionate crew at the brewery where we always brew with a nod to the heritage of our home."

» Soaring Wings, 17111 S. 138th St., Springfield, Neb.

This family-run vineyard was purchased in 2001. It's best-known for wine, but it does beer, too, including a number of seasonal ales.

» Spilker Ales Brewing, 300 W 4th St., Cortland, Neb.

Spilker is best known for one beer because it's the only one they brew. Hopluia, a dry-hopped ale, has been the sole focus of the company since it was first made in 1997.

» Storz Brewery, 345 Riverfront Drive, Omaha

The iconic Nebraska brewer announced its return to Omaha this summer.

Read more about it here and here.

» Thunderhead Brewing, 18 E. 21st St., Kearney, Neb.

Try out Thunderhead's Cornstalker Dark Wheat or its Cropduster IPA. You can also pick up a can of Thunderhead's brew in retail locations across central Nebraska.

» Upstream Brewing, 514 S. 11th St., Omaha

» Upstream Brewing, 17070 Wright Plz., Omaha

This local restaurant chain brews its own beer. With brews such as Mark's Strawberries and Creme Ale and Gettin' Ginger Wit It, Upstream offers some serious variety.

» Zipline Brewing, 2100 Magnum Circle 1, Lincoln

Zipline is relatively new to the brewing scene. Stop by its tap room and check out the Copper Alt or Country White.

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